Different Uses for Baskets

Baskets are great for organization, and they also add a neat look to your decor. Baskets can have many different uses.

Uses for Small Baskets:

Caddy for silverware. Baskets can be used to tote your silverware from your kitchen to the dining room table, or to the patio for dinners and BBQs with friends and family.

Display them as art. Baskets with gorgeous weaves, or in colors that compliment your decor can be hung on the wall as an art piece.

Store your remote controls in them. They can keep remotes together in so that you don't have to dig through the couch to find one that has roamed away.

Pencil holder. Baskets are great for storing your stationary supplies in on your desk so that you always know where your post-it notes, pens, and pencils are located. Work in a retail environment? Use your basket to keep items handy next to your call bell and you'll always know where things are.

Use them in your bathroom to organize make up, tooth brushes, or other small items that tend to get cluttered.

Coffee or tea station. Use next to your coffee maker or tea pot to hold your sugar, creamer, tea bags, etc.

Use to hold nuts next to your Black Walnut Cracker or to give as a gift filled with nuts with a nut cracker.

Have a small basket placed near the door that you use the most, use this to sort your mail, or store your keys.

Uses for Medium Baskets:

Small home toolkit. Store the essentials that you need for small around the house projects, such as hanging pictures, in a medium sized basket. This helps alleviate the pain of digging through a large toolbox for these frequently used items.

There are also wire baskets with dividers in them perfect for toting around or storing Glass Milk Bottles.

Toiletry holder. Use baskets in the guest bath to hold hand towels, pretty soaps, and wash cloths for you guests.

Organize files in your office. Baskets are much prettier than the basic file holder and can make your office feel more homey.

Use a pretty basket to hide plain pots on your plants. Most baskets really compliment nature.

Use on a book case or shelf as a pretty drawer for storing things in that you would like to keep out of site (clutter of papers, etc).

Store newspapers and magazines in them near your favorite reading nook.

Use in the kitchen to store your bread, bagels, english muffins, etc.

Uses for Large Baskets:

Large baskets are great for toting laundry or other items up and down stairs, or just from one end of your home to the other. They can also hold laundry supplies such as detergent, fabric softener or even your trusty washboard.

Firewood holder. Baskets make your fireplace or woodstove area look much tidier when they are used to hold firewood, kindling, fire starters, etc.

Use in a guest room to keep extra blankets and sheets handy and organized at the end of the bed.

Baskets also make great trash recepticles in the office or bathroom.

Use a large basket in the kitchen to keep all of your canning supplies in one easy to access location.

fireplace gift set

You can replace any of the uses for the above baskets with galvanized buckets if you prefer a more durable rugged look.